Thin film spray grease, fluid, penetrating and adherent, water repellent, with MoS2 for optimum load resistance, recommended for steel cables and chains subjected to temperatures up to + 120° C.
Rocol Wire Rope Spray
Adhesive grease semi-fluid of high performance, containing MoS2, recommended for all types of steel cables, as it penetrates the cable core forming a thin film, does not run, does not come out with water jets, resists salt water and has low attraction waste.
Rocol RD 105 – Grease
Biodegradable vegetable-based grease for steel cables, adherent, of adequate fluidity, water- repellent and resistant to salt water, specific for off-shore applications.
Rocol Biogen Rope Guard- Grease
Colorless, odorless, synthetic lubricant, with high viscosity and adhesion, excellent resistance to oxidation, recommended for chains, steel cables subjected to temperatures up to +250°.
Rocol FTE 2000
Our options
Rocol Chain &
Drive Spray – 300 ml
Rocol Wire
Rope Spray – 300 ml
Rocol Foodlube
Chain Spray – 400 ml
Rocol UN 2
– 1 KG
Rocol Sapphire 2
– 1 Kg
Rocol Sapphire
Hi Temp 2 – 1 kg
Rocol Foodlube
Multi Paste – 1 KG
Rocol Sapphire
Hi Speed – 1 kg
– 1 kg
Rocol GLC TM 120
– 1 KG